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Court Trustee

Phone: 913-715-3600

100 N. Kansas Ave, Suite 337, Olathe, Kansas 66061

User Code:


The "User Code" field is where case numbers are entered. Your user code/case number must be entered correctly or you will not be able to access your case. The case number/user code should look like the following examples: 05C001234, 05C1234.

Note: The "Password" field is where PIN numbers are entered. When entering a PIN number, people with multiple cases WILL NOT have multiple PIN numbers. Instead, the PIN number associated with the most current case will be valid on ALL applicable cases. You must have both a password and a user code/case number in order to gain access to your file(s).

If you forgot your password, or you don't know what it is, click here. Or if you don't have access to email you can call the District Court Trustee office at: 913-715-3600.

Reminder: the password and login ID fields are "case sensitive" This means that capital letters won't work where capital letters aren't needed.